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A sound and comprehensive diagnostic support is the backbone of modern medicine. Our NABL accredited laboratory at SVMMC is equipped with state of the art equipments for its Pathology, Microbiology & Biochemistry Divisions.

Our team of well trained and efficient laboratory technicians and highly qualified pathologists ensure that accurate, authenticated results are provided to the clinicians timely to ensure optimum patient care. Stringent quality control measures at each step, validated by NABL, ensure consistent and accurate release of test reports. All critical results are conveyed to the concerned clinician immediately to aid in quick diagnosis and right treatment for each patient.

The lab services are available from 9am to 6pm to all OPD and Walk-in patients. In addition to this Home Sample Collection facility is also available for the convenience of our patients.


  • Haematology : Routine hematology tests, and Coagulation studies
  • Biochemistry : Routine Biochemistry tests ,Vitamin Assays and drug assays.
  • Microbiology: Facilities for all routine and special culture and antibiotic sensitivity tests. Validation of biological controls for efficient sterilization practices.
  • Serology/Immunology: Serological tests for all infectious diseases including Hepatitis markers, TORCH test, HIV, HCV,HAV, typhoid , autoimmune panels, Total IgE, to name a few are done .
  • Cytopathology: Routine and guided FNAC facilities for processing and reporting available
  • Clinical pathology: Analysis of urine, stool, semen and other body fluid samples
  • Endocrinology: Hormone assays eg B-HCG, Thyroid Profile, Prolactin, LH, FSH etc

State of the art equipment


  • Cobas C-lll Biochemistry Analyser
  • 9180 ROCHE Electrolyte Analyser


  • Sysmex 800xi Hematology Analyser


  • Vidas BIOMERIEUX Hormone Analyser


What are the investigations available at this Diagnostic Centre in Delhi?

The Laboratory at Medical Centre offers a holistic diagnostic support. We are the best medical institution for complete body checkup in Delhi. We have expertise in providing excellent diagnostic services in Pathology, Microbiology & Biochemistry Divisions. We aim to provide top-notch services from 9am to 6pm to all OPD and Walk-in patients.

Sadhu Vaswani Mission Medical Centre is a leading Diagnostic Centre in Delhi. Our lab is accredited by NABL. We have trained professionals and technicians to ensure accurate and authenticated results. We follow stringent quality control measures at each step. These measures are validated by NABL.

Yes, at Sadhu Vaswani Mission Medical Centre we have the Home Sample Collection facility. We have extended this service to provide more convenience to our patients. You just need to book for a sample collection for full body checkup in Delhi or any other test from your home at a time slot convenient to you.  

The lab at Sadhu Vaswani Mission Medical Centre is open from 9am to 6pm each day. The lab services are available to all OPD and Walk-in patients. The patients also have the facility to book for a home sample collection for full body test Delhi.