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Dermatology & Venerology

Dermatology is the branch of medicine that offers treatment for disorders of the skin, hair, and nails as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Our skin plays an important role as a barrier to protect the internal organs of the body against injury and bacteria. Additionally, it is a good indicator of the overall health of a person, so dermatology is one of the most important fields of medicine when it comes to diagnosing and managing many different conditions related to the skin as also to other systems. Skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases can be detected by specialists who specialize in these branches of medicine by detecting changes in the skin or mucous membranes. A variety of tests are conducted by the skin care doctor with the help of probes so that a precise diagnosis can be achieved.

Best Dermatologist in South Delhi

Two highly experienced and best Dermatologist in South Delhi are visiting the Medical Centre to offer consultation and treatment for various skin ailments e.g. Acne, Eczema, Hair loss, Dandruff, Shingles, Moles, Leukoderma, Hyper-pigmentation, Warts, Genital disorders, STDs, Psoriasis, etc. in addition to general dermatological disorders.

Skin Specialist in South Delhi

As the best skin care hospital in Delhi NCR, the Medical Centre has the latest equipment for procedures like Cauterization and Cryotherapy of warts, Skin Biopsy, Chemical Cauterization, etc. Visit the best Skin Doctor in South Delhi.