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Dietetics Department

Dietetics is defined as ‘the application of the science of nutrition to the human being in health and disease.’ The field of dietetics has a strong emphasis on public health and a commitment to generate awareness about the importance of making healthy dietary choices. The food we eat has a significant impact on our health. Thus changes in diet can help prevent or control many health problems, including obesity, diabetes and certain risk factors for cancer and heart disease. The role of Dietitian/Nutritionists includes use of nutrition and food science to help people improve their health.

Historically, the term ‘dietitian,’ used to describe a practitioner of dietetics, was in use long before the science of nutrition became an accepted discipline. The first use of the title of dietitian was recorded in 1899 in the United States when the dietitian was described as ‘a person working in a hospital who provided nutritious meals to patients.’

Best Dietician in South Delhi

The role of the dietitian has changed markedly in the past 50 years, and the dietitian is now accepted as ‘the expert in the planning and evaluation of nutritional care for patients requiring therapeutic dietary regimens as well as for the population in general.’

A Dietician being a professionally trained expert in field of dietetics specializes in providing consultation for a plethora of conditions such as :

  • Nutritional needs for all age groups
  • Weight Management
  • Diabetes Mellitus  (both Type 1 and Type 2),
  • Hypertension
  • Kidney and Liver diseases
  • Child nutrition,
  • PCOD and various other ailments.

A highly experienced, professional and knowledgeable Dietician in South Delhi is available at Sadhu Vaswani Mission Medical Center three times a week to provide guidance on all diet and nutrition related issues.